Kavipritha's Pournami Varnam 25

Kavipritha mam.... Semma... First 14th epi tha padichen..Then ella epi yum continues ah padikiren...Romba amaithiya pochu novel... Gives very pleasant feeling..Even in last epi to i feel the same... thanks a lot ....Write more .
Hi Kavipritha

this is the first time I have come here to say about what I felt. But i am a follower of your updates even though not regularly I have completed all you stories. I love the way you go with the characters especially in this story I felt each and every character. Grandma, Anandhi, Bhuvan, Deepi, Kishore and even Kutty Varna in the beginning and after that the grown up little girl in the end. The story started with the meeting of friends and also ended in the same way even though it was in two different ways it attracted me a lot. Ambodu Vaa Nila is my most favourite one of yours. Each and every epi made us wait with great curiosity. You made it. This is the first one with I followed online. Others I will start only after you complete. Nice ending and it made a smile in my face which continues still. Great work and I wish you all the best for your future works too ma. Will wait for your next.

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ஹாய் ப்ரண்ட்ஸ் அடுத்த பதிவு போட்டுட்டேன்... படிச்சிட்டு உங்க கருத்த சொல்லிருங்க ப்ரண்ட்ஸ்
Hi friends and sisters..... Na twelve years munna thina thanthi vaara malar la oru story read panen.... Hero name murali nu nenaiken... Heroine name theriyala... Herova sahana nu oruthi bet kati love pani avanaium love pana vaipa.... Heroine um Athe clg la tha padipa.... Herovoda amma appa pirinji irupanga.... Hero amma kuda irupar.. Herovoda brother appa kuda irupanga.... Novel name theriuma yarukathu?
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Happy birthday Hameeda.
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Happy birthday Haritha.
ஹாய் பிரிண்ட்ஸ் என் சுவாசமே டீசெர் போட்டு இருக்கேன் சாரி எங்க வீடு வாண்டு என்ன வேலை பார்த்துச்சு தெரியல போஸ்ட் repeat
ஆய்டுச்சு ஒரே டீசெர் தான்.


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