Chapter 1

Where are you my dear bestie ??? - Abitha
Chapter - 1

" tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi mera dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho" rings phone.

Hello i m Ananya speaking who are you. In other end someone reply and she say sorry wrong number and end the call.

She is Ananya game designer from Bangalore living in apartment near her office . She live separately because her partens are divorced . They give money to her but never love and affection to her. She never depend on them .

Eventhough she can lead her life in wrong path with bad habits . She choose to live honest and correct path . She is very honest and follow rules and regulation within herself.

Again her phone rings now she say hello and in other end someone ask her are you free today . She reply yes after office end and in other end someone say then we can meet at cafe near your office by 5 pm . Then she reply sure and end the call.

Then she lock her home and reach parking area of apartment . Suddenly she feel like someone following her . So she look back but no one there . She start her scooty to reach office on time .

she enter office with smile . She eagerly waiting for her game approval . Usually her game is based on social message and real life happening . All games created by her reach huge hit and create awareness among peoples.

This time her game is about chemical waste water from factory reach Bay of Bengal ocean and kill living organisms in ocean . In game players have to save ocean from pollution . Need to stop waste water entering ocean and it undergo lots of level and player needs to play cleverly to cross the levels and save our ocean.

Actually its real incident recently occurred in chennai . It become big issue because it involves environment pollution . But factory owner has both money and political support so nothing people can do to stop them. Many youngsters do protest against it but no one take action against it . But everyone know about this issue.

Based on it Ananya create her latest game but one thing she don't know that Aakash her colleague who knows about this game is very close relative to that factory owner family . So he send this information to them.

Eventhough Ananya does not use factory name . Outlook of factory is very similar to factory in the game . This incident is huge hike so everyone can understand this game hidden meaning . She also include ocean name as Bay of Bengal . This information is lot enough to conclude her hidden meaning.

She don't know about problems she going to face in near future but she wait for approval of her latest game . After spending 8 hours in office she happily leave office and go to cafe .

There she meet Avneesh . He is already waiting for her in cafe. He welcome her with smile. Then they sit opposite and start their chat . You still not die . How much days went your not in contact with me . Ananya shout with angry . But Avneesh keep on smiling after hearing her scold because he used to get scold from her.

Then he reply simply i am busy in my work i reach Bangalore yesterday night only because of work i am keep on moving around different branches in different states. I just make time to see you since i met you lastly before 4 months and i missed you. Another important thing is i want to introduce you to one vip.

Suddenly , Ananya give shock reaction and ask now which girl are you dating . Avneesh give loud laugh and say this time i am very serious Ananya . You have to believe me .

Now one cute tall girl come near to them and her name is Roja . She say hello to both Ananya and Avneesh . Three of them start to chat . Avneesh introduce Ananya to Roja like she is my bestie from childhood and my only best friend forever . Ananya give smile and ask Roja are you seriously in relationship with him . Because i think you don't know about him and your his 27 th girl friend . Now Roja reply with smile yes i know that but they are just passing clouds i am his true love and he is mine.

Ananya hug Roja happily after hearing her reply. She say i am really happy for you guys . When are you planing for wedding ? And she ask Roja did you mind about our friendship or you possessive about it .

Roja reply no not at all you guys can continue your friendship i don't have any doubts on you and Avneesh . In fact he put one condition for marriage that is me should not interfere in your friendship. I say ok with that condition.

After that they chat happily and then it was time to leave . But before going out Ananya say i feel like someone following me everywhere to Avneesh . He become upset but he tell her not to worry and i will make arrangement for your security. Then she start scooty to her apartment.


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