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  1. Poornimapriya

    புதுமணம் : மறுமணம் 39 2

    Wow, excellent writing. No words! Hats off!
  2. Poornimapriya

    புதுமணம் : மறுமணம் - 25

    I think your very first story. Not sure on the name.
  3. Poornimapriya

    புதுமணம் : மறுமணம் - 25

    Thanks Kshipra for remembering me. You are such a sweet heart. I sincerely want to comment to all your episodes but occupied with tonnes of work. This comment is just a drop in the ocean. Stay blessed. Keep up your wonderful work. I haven’t read your first book. Where can I get your books? Are...
  4. Poornimapriya

    புதுமணம் : மறுமணம் - 25

    Why we always read your stories ? Because your writing have different things to learn! Narrating in a clean and clear manner! Vittal and Malini love story was awesome.

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