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    Ellarukum ennoda thanks sisters . Ithu ennoda first try . Short story thaan . Neraya mistakes irruku nu correct ha review sonna yazil sis and Nisha sis ku ennoda thanks . Intha book nan kindle la potean reach agala . Innoru app la potean angayum reach achu but very few . Intha site la ennaku...
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    Chapter 3

    Chapter - 3 Now Shiva went to complete formalities about accident . He left his phone near Avneesh and went to the mortuary . Shiva phone rings still Avneesh was in fear stage after hearing sound he suddenly wake from shock and attend the call before he says hello someone in other end say...
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    Chapter 2

    Chapter - 2 Heavy traffic and she almost reach near to her apartment suddenly someone hit her Scooty and make her fall down. After that 5 rowdies jump from lorry and kidnap her with scooty . Then they drive lorry to some hidden place and Ananya was in drowsy state because of chloroform they...
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    Chapter 1

    Where are you my dear bestie ??? - Abitha Chapter - 1 " tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho Zindagi ab tum hi ho Chain bhi mera dard bhi Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho" rings phone. Hello i m Ananya speaking who are you. In other end someone reply and she say sorry wrong number and end the call. She is...
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    Congrats to all the winners
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    நான் இனி நீ எபிலாக் - அபி

    Avanga life already settle but மிதுன் part happy end ha konduvarnum nu neanachean