sanath ஏன் silent?


Ashraf Hameeda T
More than anything your readiness to accept it could be your fault (which I feel is not honestly) for not conveying properly is truly and greatly appreciable.

Though I wasnt sure enough about the physicals, I did feel Sanath showed his character through his silence and he was anything but angry or annoyed. Had he talked anything, it could have eother gone cliched or fake as so far both the characters have been damn real.

Kudos man! This novel will be long remembered!!

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ஹாய் பிரிண்ட்ஸ் என் சுவாசமே டீசெர் போட்டு இருக்கேன் சாரி எங்க வீடு வாண்டு என்ன வேலை பார்த்துச்சு தெரியல போஸ்ட் repeat
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