Ramya Rajan's Kannaana Kanney Final


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கொஞ்சம் சின்ன கதை தான்.ஆனால் அருமையான நாவல். அடுத்த கதையோடு சீக்கிரம் வந்துடுங்க ரம்யா.


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Hi friends :)

I know naan romba delay pannen updates kodukka....holidays then after reopen settle aaga time aachchu. Next story I hope will give regular updates. kindly mannichchu ;)

gap eduthtu eluthinathunaala flow enake sariyaa varalai. elutha kashttamaa irunthathu. but still I don't want to stop in middle. somehow completed.

Feel free to give your comments :)

Not even regular updates but still you all supported me. Thank you all for your wonderful support :love::love:

Here comes the final update for Kannaana Kanney. Read and share your comments.

Kannaana Kanney final
Wow lovely and beautiful family story

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