Part 5: Knee Pain: When Should I see a Doctor?


Ashraf Hameeda T
Knee Pain – 4: When Should I See A Doctor?
There is no hard and fast rule,you should visit a clinic now or should not see a doctor then.

It basically depends on your intuition, if you feel like visiting a doctor, no matter the injury is big or small,if there is pain consult a doctor.

Normally, the consultation can happen a week after trying PRICE therapy. If the scale of pain has not reduced even a little for more than 48 hours, consult a doctor.

Fix an appointment with your doctor, If you had a hit on the knee with a medium to heavy impact, and along with it if you have one of the following

  1. Swelling and pain,
  2. Fever
  3. Redness
  4. Softness around the joint
And you need immediate attention and emergency treatment,if you have a knee injury and

  1. Sudden swelling
  2. Mobility difficulties
  3. Sort of popping noise when knee got hurt
  4. Visible deformity
What kind of Doctor Should I See?

It is better to consult a General Physician, to get a clear picture what type of knee pain/injury it is and what type of diagnosis needed.

Under normal circumstances, knee pain caused due to heavy workouts or sudden increased physical activity can be treated using one of the PRICE therapy like ice, or knee belts or just resting.

When there is a knee injury because of a heavy fall or chronic knee pain or nil results even after PRICE therapy, you would need to consult a Sports Medicine doctor or an Orthopedic doctor.


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