Part 4: Knee Pain - PRICE: Home Treatment for Knees


Ashraf Hameeda T
PRICE - Home Treatment methods To Reduce Knee Pain
There are a few methods that can be practiced for the relief of knee pain. The term that is used to summarized the home treatment for knee pain is called as PRICE (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation).

The PRICE method is considered to be the best first hand treatment of the knee pain, to reduce the inflammation and to get relieved of the pain, caused by an injury.

The PRICE method


Protecting a body part soon after, probably for the first 2 days, after an injury, can give greater chances of both not aggravating the injury and for a speedy recovery.

When a knee is injured, first don’t involve in any activity that causes more pain. Another thing could be using a knee cap or brace, bandage or even crutches.


Rest the knee. Straining the knee more and more can cause increased swelling or pain, or something another injury. Avoid stretching or applying weight to the part, which can also help in the proper healing of the knee.


Applying ice on the injured area helps reducing swelling and pain. Ice therapy can be done 2-3 times a day for about 20-30 minutes each time. This can help in the relief of chronic knee pains too.

Specially designed ice packs and instant ice packs are available for this purpose. You can also use a bag of frozen vegetables too.


Compression is done to reduce knee pain and to give support to the joint.

A specially designed tape is used for effectively applying compression on the injured knee.


Rising up the knee, especially above the heart level (this is the best way) can reduce swelling. This helps in flowing back the excess fluid in to the body system, which in turn helps reduce the swelling.

When you sit down or lie down, elevate your legs using a couple of pillows. While sleeping, you can raise your legs using pillows overnight.

priya raghavan

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I always thought mild hot water with rock salt helps in healing from fracture kind... That's what I did when I injured my hand. I never knew ice pack helps. Will try on my knees.


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