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#8 perspective.
It's a gate way to alternative no medicine. in countries like America and Italy death rate is high.they yhave everything yet..what? So what about India? Statistics show that we can stand no where....then what is left in our hands..we can do nothing except staying at home. How are we going to do it ? By brooding about how it's killing people..fearing what is going to happen to us?..Here I see it differently ..Let us use this given time by being strong..We cannot change happening s in the world but see it this way...There are people surviving in Italy..China .see them .we are not talking about survivors We will survive on God's will. Why do have to live death everyday? We can adhere rules .stay at home .but most important thing is keeping the mind positive so the body's immune system is good. We cannot keep worrying about how things we don't have control of. Make the best use of the moment be with kids..share our life stories..our values and give them confidence to face life at all odds.Hope with God's grace everything will be fine.