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Ok..... We understand and obey the forum rules.....

Even if anyone is violating, you can immediately ib the message and make it corrected..... This is my suggestion......

Reg. the episodes, if we are not visiting the site continuously for a week, it's very difficult to find out the posts that have updated in that week.

Why don’t we have “New Posts” which contains only the posts updated every day by the Authors exclusively? (without the posts which are commented by the readers)...
I agree this. Its even more difficult in mobile phones when we travel.


Ashraf Hameeda T
Thanks for understanding, thanks for the suggestions, thanks for being with us!!

We are working our best to give the members most comfortable access to various forums and facilitate easy navigation around the site, but within the limits of standards and norms we are bound to maintain and follow in running the same.

We would also like to inform that any violation will be first conveyed personally and all the public notifications and announcements are meant for everyone using the site and we do not certainly intend to pin point anyone.

Thank you all once again.


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