22: Did Draupadi really laugh at Duryodhan when he fell into the pool at Maya sabha?

It is a commonly believed story that when Duryodhan was touring the Maya sabha at Indraprastha after Rajasuya Yaga, he was impressed and wonderstruck. While touring he mistook a pool for marble flooring and stepped in it, only to land right n the water and get soaked. As many people believe, Draupadi laughed at him and also commented "The blind son of a blind king". Well, none of this actually happened because Draupadi was not even present at Maya sabha at that time.

Basically, what happens is that Duryodhan falls, Bhima laughs, followed by the servants of the palace and then Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva.

This is what ACTUALLY happens: (NO mention of Yudishtir or Draupadi anywhere. There are not present at all)
The Mahabharata, Book 2: Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section XLVI

And sometime after, the king, mistaking a lake of crystal water adorned with lotuses of crystal petals for land, fell into it with all his clothes on. Beholding Duryodhana fallen into the lake, the mighty Bhima laughed aloud as also the menials of the palace. And the servants, at the command of the king, soon brought him dry and handsome clothes. Beholding the plight of Duryodhana, the mighty Bhima and Arjuna and both the twins--all laughed aloud. Being unused to putting up with insults, Duryodhana could not bear that laugh of theirs. Concealing his emotions he even did not cast his looks on them. And beholding the monarch once more draw up his clothes to cross a piece of dry land which he had mistaken for water, they all laughed again.

However, when Duryodhan goes back to hastinapur, he is terribly upset that the pandavas are prosperous. He cannot stand the thought of their riches, the respect they are getting from other kings and the jealousy is burning him from within. Shakuni asks him what is the matter with him adn he confesses that he can't bear to see the Pandavas so happy.

He tells Shakuni:

Behold, the sons of Dhritarashtra are decaying and the sons of Pritha are growing day by day. Beholding that prosperity of the Pandavas, and that assembly house of theirs, and those menials laughing at me, my heart burneth as if it were on fire. Therefore, O uncle, know me now as deeply grieved and filled with jealousy, and speak of it to Dhritarashtra.

Then Duryodhan goes to his father and gives him his story about how horribly he was treated at Indraprastha, with a view to provoking him. THIS is Duryodhan'smade up version where he deliberately adds Draupadi's name too:

Once again, O king, beholding a similar lake that is really full of water but which I mistook for a crystal surface, I fell into it. At that, Bhima with Arjuna once more laughed derisively, and Draupadi also accompanied by other females joined in the laughter. That paineth my heart exceedingly. My apparel having been wet, the menials at the command of the king gave me other clothes. That also is my great sorrow. And O king, hear now of another mistake that I speak of. In attempting to pass through what is exactly of the shape of a door but through which there was really no passage, I struck my forehead against stone and injured myself. The twins Nakula and Sahadeva beholding from a distance that I was so hit at the head came and supported me in their arms, expressing great concern for me. And Sahadeva repeatedly told me, as if with a smile,--'This O king, is the door. Go this way!' And Bhimasena, laughing aloud, addressed me and said,--'O son of Dhritarashtra, this is the door.

Note that Duryodhan says THIS after he is unable to convince Dhritrasthra to supersede Vidura’s advice NOT to go mess with the Pandavas. Duryodhan needs a stronger, a more compelling act and he comes up with this embellished version of facts.

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