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  1. Lalitha Jagan

    Pirantha Naal Indru Pirantha Naal......

    Thanks Banuma
  2. Lalitha Jagan

    Saththamindri Muththamidu 8

    Hi Malli, Excellent....! You are rocking.... Atleast 50% of the Indian woman community has undergone Tulasi 's pain in one or more instances in their routine life. So we easily connect with Tulasi... We could not take this is a mere story. It resembles our life. Hence more expectation from...
  3. Lalitha Jagan

    KTT - 13

    Nice update...
  4. Lalitha Jagan

    Poovai Nenjam 9

    Me first:)
  5. Lalitha Jagan

    Emai Aalum Niranthara 10

    I hope Savi herself face the issue and overcome it.... and make others to wonder about her brave and boldness...
  6. Lalitha Jagan

    Happy New Year 2018..........

    Happy New year to all of you... :)
  7. Lalitha Jagan

    Kaathal Kondaenae 19

    :)..... Wow....
  8. Lalitha Jagan

    Kandukondaen Kaathalai - final

    Wow....! Feeling great being mentioned by you..... Ramya....!! Double Damaka for Happy Ending...!!! Sumi's positive attitude and determination attributed to change Deena this much... Every woman shall have this quality...... All the best for your next story....
  9. Lalitha Jagan

    Kandukondaen Kaathalai - 14

    Hi Ramya, Nice update. Sumithra rocks. Great going. Eagerly waiting for next update for happy ending... :)
  10. Lalitha Jagan

    Kandukondaen Kaathalai - 12

    Nice update Ramya, Eagerly waiting how things are going to be changed, hope you will rock with your splendid writing skills....
  11. Lalitha Jagan

    Kandukondaen Kaathalai - 9

    Hi All, Please don't worry, I still have hope that Sumi will come across the issue just like that. The struggle she faced in her early life will give her courage to face any sort of issue. HI Ramya, Eagerly waiting for next updates to see how Sumi takle the issues. Grt going. Keep up...
  12. Lalitha Jagan

    Innum Ennai Enna Seyyapogirai 3

    Hi, Different story line. Nice update. Eagerly waiting for next update.